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Game of Thrones Season 3: Inside the Red Wedding

“This was the event that was not only from the books but was one of the primary reasons that we wanted to make this show … Getting to the Red Wedding was, for us, such a milestone, and such a source of trepidation because I remember how it made me feel to read this thing … There was a tremendous responsibility there to do justice to it.” - Dan Weiss

“It’s not all over in a hail of crossbow quarrels. it actually lingers what we hope is for a long period of time … You’re kind of hoping for a cut to black, you just want it to be over.” - David Benioff

“Michelle in that last scene is just so powerful. Her voice when she’s talking to Walder Frey and pleading with him and — (sniffles) you can hear me talking and it’s hard for me to talk.” - David Benioff

“These people become like family members to you. And the people that you sped so much time with and you fly all ove the world with … on screen, off screen, on set, off set, you become very very close to.” - Dan Weiss

“And so, Richard became an incredibly important part of the show, Michelle has always been an incredibly important part of the show. And the two of them are such commanding figures, they’re so powerful in their presence and they’re so fun to write for and they’re really kind of the nobility of the show. The Stark family has always been the emotional core and they’re getting picked off one by one.” - David Benioff


Patrick dropped off this apology cake


Patrick dropped off this apology cake

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Margy and Sansa for queens on the Iron Throne

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A message to Sansa haters from Sophie Turner

Sansa 4 lyfee

ok now that I’ve seen the whole thing can someone explain me this? what the hell did sansa ever do to make everyone hate her? …sew? like I don’t understand at all, she seems pretty clearly not-evil and pretty obviously constantly victimized

can someone help me here

at the beginning of GoT sansa is written as shallow and naive, sometimes bratty especially when compared to “cool tomboy arya”, and admittedly i didn’t like reading her parts for a while because they weren’t interesting but that didn’t last long? and i never hated her? so presumably people who dislike her have only seen a few episodes (sansa not defending arya was an uncool thing but she is a REALLY DIFFICULT POSITION give it up) or read a few of her chapters from the first book. i take a lot of issue with grrm portraying her as  a pretty and “vacuous” girl who is into chivalry and is “unlikeable” until she experiences a lot of trauma

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…someone let the stoner intern tweet again *lulz*


…someone let the stoner intern tweet again *lulz*

Who is Westeros’s sexiest man alive?